Welcome to Outrare

by Miko Rytkönen

What is outrare?

Founded in 2022, outrare was born from Pretty Different, a cozy little vintage boutique located in our hometown, Oldenburg.

While supplying our customers in Germany with vintage pieces, we had accumulated a large collection of rare garments: Incredible works of art and craftsmanship by mythical designers and legendary fashion houses. Pieces that really blew us away. We wanted to talk about them and we wanted to share them with the world. We knew we had to catalog these pieces and bring them online.

Outrare as well as Pretty Different were founded with a similar vision; to help shape and support a world where fashion choices become more sustainable. Imagine a world where garments are constructed to last for more than ten wears. A world where we grow more conscious of what we wear, a world where more respect is given to the garment.

Where did it come from? What is it made out of? Who designed it? Who sewed it? Why?

For most clothes manufactured and sold over the counter today, the answers will be infuriating.
We want to be the alternative. We want to offer you a modern luxury shopping experience and a mind-blowing collection of masterpieces from the most legendary fashion houses and designers.

Vivienne Westwood: Rebel With a Cause | The Rake
As Vivienne Westwood said, “Buy less, choose well, and make it last.”

We've since discovered unique sourcing strategies and made a lot of friends in the pre-loved luxury fashion industry. Our collection keeps growing. And we want to share our collection with you. We ship worldwide.

tl;dr: Welcome to the home of pre-loved designer pieces.


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