Introducing Outrare: A Sustainable Revolution in Luxury Vintage Fashion


Title: Introducing Outrare: A Sustainable Revolution in Luxury Vintage Fashion

Subtitle: Discover the sustainable alternative to fast fashion, offering an exquisite collection of rare, pre-loved luxury garments from legendary designers and fashion houses.

Oldenburg, Germany - Outrare, an innovative, sustainable online platform for pre-owned luxury vintage fashion, has officially launched, offering a meticulously curated collection of rare, high-quality garments from legendary designers and fashion houses. Founded by Miko Rytkönen and Sarah Menke, the power couple behind the multi-million dollar fashion retailer Lianox, Outrare represents their commitment to transitioning from fast fashion to a more sustainable and eco-conscious business model.

The vision behind Outrare is to shape a sustainable future by encouraging consumers to make conscious choices about the garments they wear. By providing an alternative to fast fashion, Outrare aims to inspire a world where clothes are constructed to last for more than just a few wears and where consumers ask critical questions about the origin, materials, design, and production of their clothing.

Outrare began its journey as Pretty Different, a cozy secondhand vintage boutique located in Oldenburg, Germany. Over time, Miko and Sarah amassed an impressive collection of rare and luxurious garments, which they wanted to share with a global audience. Thus, Outrare was born as an online platform dedicated to showcasing these unique pieces and promoting sustainable fashion choices.

Outrare's sustainable approach extends beyond offering a curated collection of vintage designer garments. The brand also employs a variety of sustainable practices, including a meticulous curation and authentication process, responsible packaging and shipping, and collaborations with other sustainable initiatives and organizations within the fashion industry.

As the demand for sustainable and ethical fashion choices continues to rise, Outrare is poised to become a leader in the pre-owned luxury fashion market. By offering an unparalleled shopping experience and a mind-blowing collection of masterpieces from the most legendary fashion houses and designers, Outrare aspires to redefine modern luxury and contribute to a greener, more responsible future for the fashion industry.

To learn more about Outrare and explore their exquisite collection of sustainable luxury vintage fashion, visit their website at and follow them on Instagram at @outrareshop

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